Half of Google searchers are on mobile devices. If you do not have a mobile friendly site then you could be missing out on your targeted market.

Responsive Website

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If you’re looking for a mobile friendly website there’s a number of things to take into consideration. For instance, do you want a mobile version of your site or a responsive website. Have a mobile friendly site already? Make sure it passes Google’s test.

Mobile website:

A mobile version of your site will look similar to your main site. When a visitor comes to your website and is on a mobile device, a snippet of java-script will recognize the smaller resolution and display the mobile version that is usually on a subdomain. example: m.yoursite.com. A huge disadvantage to having a mobile website is having to update the content of your site in more than one place if you make changes. This means if you change a paragraph or picture, you’ll need to make the change on your main site and then on your mobile version as well.

Responsive website:

A responsive site on the other hand is a website that will resize based on the resolution of the user’s device. So the site will change sizes depending on what device the user has. Phone, tablet or computer. These sites will also resize depending on how the phone is being held. So your site will look like a normal site on computers but if someone was to access it on a mobile phone or tablet, the site would re-organize and resize to fit the device accordingly. A responsive site will also resize the text so a user will not have to scroll horizontally or zoom in to view. The links are placed far enough apart so a user won’t accidentally press the wrong one or press more than one. We recommend and build responsive sites.

What we can do for you:

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