Are you wondering why you need to design a mobile-friendly website? Do you know the vast majority of people globally normally use their smartphones to search for ideas and products online?

Truth be told, a bigger percentage of individuals have discovered products, ideas, and fashions using their smartphones when surfing online. This tells you, as much as people own computers and laptops, it is easy to surf using a smartphone compared to a PC.

Your site must look good on a mobile device!

If you want to shine in your business, attract more leads, interact with new customers, you need to design a mobile-friendly website.

However, consider how the pandemic is raving the world. How businesses have been affected and the wise business people have shifted into the online niche. Lots of digital marketers have embraced the online business, eventually; their ROI tends to diminish daily.

Do you know what might be the cause?

Yes, you can smell the problem in the air. Having a mobile-friendly website will animate lots of visitors because they might find it easy to navigate through your website using their smartphones. It will boost your site traffic, skyrocket your ROI and make you improve your inbound marketing as well.

Therefore, if you are puzzling why you should design a mobile-friendly website, you are not alone. In this article, we’ve done intensive research from different groups, social media channels, FAQ groups, and Quora simply to shed light and let you know the tenets of embracing a friendly mobile website.

Let’s get started:

  1. The majority of customers are using smartphones
  2. Boost trust with your customers
  3. To outshine your competitors
  4. Reach a wider market
  5. Grab the audience attention
  6. Make browsing easy
  7. Allow customers to interact with you easily

The majority of customers are using smartphones

This is one of the main reasons why you must design a mobile-friendly website.

As aforementioned, nearly 70% of users use mobile phones to accomplish their needs on the internet. Also, you’ll find people stroll freely with their phones either on their palms, pockets, or bag compared to computers.

Generally, 57% of traffic is a result of smartphones. This tells you to make a responsive site that any of your clients can navigate through and find what they needed to purchase.

Boost trust with your customers

Creating a friendly site might signal different aspects of inbound services to your clients.

Customers will always visit your site to get their problems done. Upon reaching your site and realize they can navigate through it at any place, while with colleagues at job places, in the middle of training, or even with friends walking down the aisle tend to rubbish the ill approach one had and trust your business.

How many sites have you tried to visit but find it hard to use while with your phones? What’s the feeling that normally inundates you when you try to reach a site that isn’t accessible with your smartphones, terrific, right?

You can’t trust that site and attempt to do business with them. Contrary, a friendly website will leave you with an urge to visit the page again.

To outshine your competitors

Competitions make the business industry alluring.

Through competitions, different business comes up with the best strategy to outstand in the marketing field. Without competition, there is no business.

Currently, digital marketers have broached up a new tactic to grab their audience into their site. I know you are thinking of SEO strategies?

SEO is the best way to lead people into your site. Nonetheless, embracing all the best SEO techniques without creating a mobile-friendly site makes everything futile.  Thus, competitors have realized the majority of their traffic is generated through mobile devices.

Therefore, be informed your business competitors have optimized their websites to suit smartphone users.

Reach a wider market

What’s the reason behind your online business?

Do you want to reach a wider scope, or you are goal is to reach certain people in different localities? Having this question in mind will help you narrow down to the best motive behind your website.

If you want to reach a wider market through your website, ask yourself, what gadget will they use to visit my site?

You’ll find your website need to be mobile friendly because that’s the mainstream device used globally to reach the different website by individuals searching for solutions to their problems.

Grab the audience attention

Experts copywriters once said, headlines in an article are the perfect tool to grab the reader’s attention. And so: when your headline grabs the audience’s attention, it contributes to 80% clicks and exposure of the products to different people within a short period.

Also, having a responsive website will help your products to sell exceedingly. Online users are normally impatient, when they find your site takes a long to open, they will close the tab and move to another site.

Due to numerous numbers of websites, your website needs to be responsive by giving the audience a simple and easy time to open.

Therefore, if you want to grab your audience’s attention, design a mobile-friendly website that they will find easy to open and navigate with their phones at a mere click of a link to your site.

Make browsing easy

There are distinctive differences between a responsive website and those that are not responsive.

The client’s experience with your site needs to be up the game. Thus, a responsive and mobile-friendly website accords your audience an intriguing experience when navigating through your product’s website.

Let your website permit visitors browse easily with their phones without having difficulties accessing any area they need to acquaint themselves with.

Final Thoughts

As a digital marketer, you ought to fathom some of the commonly used gadgets people use to reach your site. Creating a website that doesn’t favor mobile devices will lead to a big drop in your site traffic, income, and leads as well.

However, a mobile-friendly website will help build trust with your clients, enable easy and faster browsing, and grab your audience’s attention among others.

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