Increase foot traffic in your dispensary!

Our marketing strategy increases tourist traffic to your dispensary. We make sure that tourists searching for dispensaries in your area see your ads with a phone number, driving directions and your web address.

What is this:

We have put together a proven strategy of Geo-targeted search, display & social media ads that target tourists looking to visit a dispensary. Through these strategically placed ads we are able to make sure this audience sees your shop. Over and over and over!

Who this works for:

This type of strategic digital marketing is solely created for owners of dispensaries. If you’re seeing this and want to target tourists getting off of the plane then this is for you.

How will you know it’s working:

This is the best part. You’ll notice a large increase in foot traffic within your location. An increase in phone calls will be noticeable as well. On a monthly basis we will provide reports that show the amount of calls you receive as well as detailed analytics on your ads.

How much does this cost:

We have a number of different packages as seen below.


  • Targeted Advertising Starter Package


  • Targeted Advertising Starter Package With Increased Budget


  • Targeted advertising With Maximum Budget for Maximum Results

What we need from you:

After payment, we’ll need FTP and admin access to your site. Our team will go in to your site and create a landing page to direct this new traffic to. Once the page is created then we will create ads for the targeted audience to see.

What kind of time frame:

Once we receive the requested information we go to work creating your landing page and most importantly, your ads. The whole process is amazingly quick and your ads will be up and running in less than two weeks.

Next Steps:

Choose the correct package above and make a payment using Paypal. Once completed, you will be redirected to a form that collects information that we’ll need to get started on your new digital marketing campaign. If at anytime you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Not Ready for a Flood of Incoming Leads?

We offer other services as well. If you need a new website or your current website redesigned we can help. Let us know how we can help..