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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of strategies, techniques and tactics used to attract new and potential customers who are searching the web for your services. These soon-to-be customers or clients are entering word searches on different search engines to find companies that sell the products or services that you are offering.

We know what works and what doesn’t.

Search engines have different ways of categorizing and placing websites at the top of their search results. The equations behind their placement methods are called algorithms. These algorithms are constantly changing and require a company, such as TargetMySite, that can quickly analyze the trends and adjust your website accordingly. The SEO experts at TargetMySite are specially trained in Search Engine Optimization and continually make adjustments to your website so that customers will find your business. We can get good quality traffic to your site. We can make this traffic targeted so when they find you, your site is exactly what they are looking for!

We choose one or two keywords per page that have a high number of searches and a relatively low amount of competitors. Each page will be centered around these keywords. This helps for maximum placement in the search engines. With all of this in mind, our main goal is to get to the first page and stay there. Overall goal is the number one spot and we can show you sites that we have done it for.

Each page we make for you is optimized for traffic. With our SEO service we will increase your conversions. We will help drive targeted traffic to your site.

We will take your site and first work on the internal code and then move on to the building links and saturating the Internet with relevant backlinks.

See your business rise to the top. We will set a timeline with achievable goals to help your site get the targeted hits it needs to make sales.

Need a website first?

f you need a web site or a website redesign, we can help. Let us create you a new website using the latest search engine friendly code and techniques. This will help your clients find you first before they find your competitors! Read more

Transparent SEO Firm

No black hat techniques here. No manipulating the searches for fast results. We make sure that the visitors you get are targeted.We also work with your marketing message an work on your call to action. Read more